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Lululemon Just Restocked Its Popular Face Masks

Act fast before they sell out again.

lululemon face mask

Chances are, anyone reading this doesn't need me to remind them how imperative it is to wear a face mask during the ongoing global pandemic. At this point, an updated out-the-door checklist of face mask, keys, wallet, and phone comes as second nature.

A year into our new normal, it feels like everyone is making face masks these days. This includes cult-loved activewear brand Lululemon, whose wildly popular face masks are finally back in stock today, March 1.

Lululemon Double Strap Face Mask 3-Pack

Distinguishing Lululemon's face masks from other active lifestyle-friendly face masks is the adjustable two-strap design and comfortable feel. (We're talking comfy on one's skin and around the ears.) Given the track record Lululemon's face masks have for quickly selling out, now's a wise time to stock up on the reusable masks that Men's Health argues is the best face mask out there.

Made from Ultralu, an ultra lightweight fabric used in the brand's sport bras, Lululemon's face masks boast a four-way stretch, moisture-wicking technology, and fast-drying capabilities. (All of which also allow for a comfortable, smooth feel.)

What's more — and why shoppers would be wise not to procrastinate — is that aside from having a breathable feel and being well-suited for indoor and outdoor exercise, Lululemon's masks are surprisingly affordable. The brand is currently packaging its masks in sets of three for only $28, which comes out to only $9.33 per mask.

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