These Omega-3 Supplements Are Just What Your Routine Is Missing

Simris Algae Omega-3 supplements complement a healthy and active lifestyle.

simris algae omega 3

Omega-3s are called essential for a reason — you need them. They are crucial to a healthy and active lifestyle, offering proven benefits to your brain, skin, sleep, joints, vision, cell function and more. Consuming an omega-3 supplement is an easy way to make those essential nutrients a part of your everyday routine. For an eco-friendly and bespoke option, look to Scandinavian company Simris. The brand harvests its omega-3s directly from microalgae grown at its farm in southern Sweden. Plus, because Simris supplements are made from algae, you get omega-3 EPA and DHA straight from the source — with no fish harmed in the process. Simris offers three different formulations of its softgels: the original omega-3 supplement, a formula designed to aid performance and recovery for athletes as well as one developed specifically for mothers. The brand makes it easy to put your health first — simply choose which supplement is most compatible with your lifestyle and start reaping the benefits.

Price: $55


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