Why Do Athletes Use iwi Life’s Omega-3 Sport for Post-Exercise Recovery?

iwi life’s nanno algae delivers better absorption than traditional fish, krill or other algae oils.

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iwi life

For many, perfecting your recovery routine is just as important as optimizing your workout. That’s why so many readers have already incorporated Omega-3s (and specifically DHA) into their post-gym wind-down. For those unfamiliar, DHA is an important Omega-3 fat associated with post-exercise muscle recovery, and it’s also been linked to healthy brain function.

iwi life’s Omega-3s are packed with a higher DHA blend to ensure optimal muscle recovery. Made with algae that’s sustainably grown outside with the power of the sun and natural salt water, iwi life’s Omega-3s provide 1.7x the absorption of fish, krill and other algae oils. How do we know that? iwi life's patented ingredient, AlmegaPl®️, has published human clinical proof that it gets absorbed by your cells, and at a higher rate than fish or krill. This formula, Omega-3 Sport, also naturally contains chlorophyll and EPA Omega-3. As a result, with just two softgels per day, fans can access over 650 mg of true DHA. For a limited time, fans can use codeGEAR20 for 20 percent off. So what are you waiting for? Try iwi life today.

Price: $18.39 with subscription


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