These Socks Made from Paper Fiber Are Up for Your Toughest Workouts

Goldwin's durable Paper Fiber Socks offer increased wear resistance and quick drying in all conditions.

goldwin socks

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Goldwin Paper Fiber Arch Support Pile Socks

There is no worse feeling than your sock sliding down while you are mid-step, mid-run. With the Paper Fiber Arch Support Pile Socks from Goldwin, that feeling will be one of the past. Goldwin is known for using innovative materials for its garments, and these socks are no different. Though instead of looking to the future for inspiration, the brand took a centuries-old Japanese process and brought it into the modern era. The socks are made from paper fiber, which has been used in Japan to control the humidity level inside of homes during the country's wet seasons. When applied to a sock, the result is superior moisture wicking paired with lateral arch support. These Paper Fiber socks are perfect for all your summer plans.


goldwin socks


These socks are made from Paper Fiber, which takes a centuries-old process and updates it for modern use in garments. The paper-nylon thread is knitted into a sock, and enables it to tolerate five times more wear induced by running compared to regular sports socks.


Its unique texture does not stick to your skin, which means that your feet stay dry and comfortable even after long hours out on the trail. Paper Fiber Socks also wick moisture through the unique rough texture of the material, which further aids in comfort on long runs.


But any good sport sock also offers support, and the Paper Fiber socks excel there as well. They offer support for all three arches of the foot, and help to absorb impact during work-outs.

Price: $23


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