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Lululemon Studio Is the Latest Evolution in Connected Fitness

The all-new fitness service connects members to the most dynamic fitness content, community and products, whether at home, in-store or on the go.

lululemon studio mirror
Lululemon Studio

Connected fitness can bring a lot to your routine, offering up live and on-demand classes from the comfort of your home. Still, though, there are some sessions that feel better in the presence of others. As we continue to reimagine how we work out, many have adopted a hybrid model, splitting convenient at-home routines with in-studio classes.

Lululemon is looking to blend that model into a seamless experience, connecting athletes to a wide array of content, community and products with the launch of its all-new Lululemon Studio. This latest, now-streaming service offers world-class training content, access to in-studio workouts as well as product-specific benefits for a one-stop-shop environment for all things fitness.

"Lululemon Studio unlocks the versatility our community has told us they are looking for now," says Nikki Neuburger, Lululemon's Chief Brand Officer. "No longer will you have to choose between going to your favorite studio or streaming a class at home — you can have both.

Lululemon Studio builds off the Mirror's library with some of the most sought-after programs.

The all-new streaming service is designed to pair with the Lululemon Studio Mirror, which brings a great foundation to this launch in its more than 10,000 on-demand and live-streamed classes from Lululemon's expert Trainers. The updated membership adds a breadth of content to this lineup, including some of North America's most sought-after studios including AARMY, DOGPOUND, Pure Barre and more. Live classes are available throughout the day, everyday, while on-demand routines are accessible 24/7 to match your fitness needs.

Lululemon Studio members have access to all this heart-pounding content, whether in-person, in the Lululemon Studio app or at home in front of the Mirror. Additionally, Lululemon Studio has teamed up with Warner Music Group, enabling members to rock out to tunes chosen by trainers and partners.

lululemon studio mirror
Lululemon Studio includes a breadth of content from notable fitness and wellness partners including AARMY, Y7 Studio, DOGPOUND, Pure Barre and more.
Lululemon Studio

Lululemon also brings a new membership program to upgrade your sweat sessions.

In addition to the launch of Lululemon Studio, the brand is also unveiling its new Essential Membership today. Athletes can sign up at no cost to this program and unlock features such as shopping perks, community experiences and access to select Lululemon Studio classes. Lululemon Essential members can also get early access to product drops, receipt-free return services and more.

Lululemon Studio members will receive all the above perks as well, in addition to the unlimited access to training content as well as 10% off Lululemon gear (up to a maximum of $5,000 per year), 20% off participating partner studios and early access to Lululemon events. Existing Mirror members will automatically become Lululemon Studio members, unlocking all the benefits without and additional signups or cost.

How much does a Lululemon Studio membership cost?

According to the brand, Lululemon Studio membership is available for $39 per month for a 12-month agreement, and must be paired with a Lululemon Studio Mirror. Thankfully, though, Lululemon is celebrating the launch with a special offer — $700 off the Lululemon Studio Mirror and free shipping, now through 11/21. Use promo code LLSTUDIO700 to unlock this deal.

With a wide range of benefits baked into the membership and an expansive assortment of training opportunities, it appears Lululemon is innovating in the right direction when it comes to the evolving fitness space.

Lululemon Studio
Lululemon Studio Mirror
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