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3 Innovative New Face Masks You Should Know About

Apparel brands are finding ways to make masks more functional.

a man wearing a bandana style face mask

A still-climbing third wave of COVID-19 cases is cementing something we've come to accept: we're all going to be wearing masks for a long, long time. Truly, wearing a mask is the simplest way to prevent the spread of the disease. The scientific community has agreed on this fact for months, and study after study has reaffirmed it.

Luckily, embracing face masks as the wardrobe staple they now are is easy, as countless companies that deal in thread-and-needle goods now make face masks. There are lightweight and breathable face masks; face masks for running and biking; face masks prioritizing style (but still provide adequate protection). New ones are popping up every day, and here are three recently released designs worth a look.

Editor's note: before you purchase a face mask, check out the full CDC guidelines.

Outlier Mask 001


One point of contention with face masks is ear loops versus ties. Outlier's has neither; instead, it employs a unique elastic band and buckle system to make it adjustable and secure. This mask also features multiple layers of premium fabrics the company might otherwise use in its garments, like soft and durable Ultrasuede, a nonwoven textile made of polyester and non-fibrous polyurethane.


Equinox Performance Athletic Face Mask


Equinox's chain of fitness centers gives it good reason to make working out as safe as possible. The company recently opened the first luxury outdoor gym in New York City, but it also debuted a unique face mask for athletes. The design includes adjustable ear loops and a three-layer antimicrobial covering. There's also a silicone insert that provides an air pocket to make heavy breathing more manageable, though it's removable for those who don't want it.


Kitsbow Wake ProTech Merino Face Mask


Kitsbow iterated on its previously released Wake ProTech face mask, which it designed in collaboration with health experts at Wake Forest Baptist Health, to make a new model featuring merino wool. The merino fabric, which is lightweight, breathable and antimicrobial, makes up the outermost layer of this mask's three-piece construction; it also includes a filtration mid-layer and a cotton muslin next-to-skin layer. This mask also features a structured air pocket and an adjustable nose bridge.


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