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Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Grill Humidifier

Humidifiers Aren't Just For Your Home


It may be February, but we’re already chomping at the bit to fire up that grill and there’s never a better time to start getting prepared for the 2010: The Year Of Meat (unofficial Gear Patrol declaration). Instead of the “fire + ribeye = dinner” why not use this year to take what you already have (a grill) and do some innovative twists.

The Cast Iron Grill Humidifier from Moistly Grilled is an enclosure that lets you take full advantage of a grill’s massive flame without sacrificing any of the moisture lost from open-air cooking. Pour water, beer, wine, juice, or any other liquid you can think of (skip anything milk based, we tried, unsuccessfully) and infuse a ridiculous amount of flavored moisture. Not only will the meat retain its natural juices from the higher-moisture cooking environment, but it will also inherit those emitted from the steam of the humidifier. Grilled lobster infused with a pinot noir? Why the grill not.

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