Third Wave Water Is Here to Improve Your Morning Coffee

Third Wave Water sets out to prove that great coffee is about more than just good beans.


Those who are particular about coffee know the importance of precision — weighing beans and heating water to a specific temperature. Yet the quality of the water, which makes up more than 98 percent of the average cup of coffee, is most often overlooked. Geared toward true obsessives, Third Wave Water is creating soluble capsules designed to make consistent, coffee-optimized water more accessible.

Founded by Taylor Minor, of Ohio’s Telemetry Roasters, and Charles Nick, of The Wright Cup, Third Wave Water was developed as an alternative to expensive filtration systems, and a solution to regional differences in tap and bottled water. Third Wave Water’s capsules dissolve to re-mineralize purified water with a balanced blend of calcium, magnesium and sodium. When steeped with coffee beans, the resultant cup boasts a brighter, more consistent flavor.

Third Wave Water’s Kickstarter campaign is slated to launch later this month, and pre-production samples are available for purchase on the company’s website.

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