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A Real-Life Youtube Cowboy Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Cast-Iron Skillets

If you're too good for Cowboy Kent Rollins, find another website to browse.

cowboy kent rollins  youtube
Cowboy Kent Rollins / Youtube

This is Kind of Obsessed, a column about all the stuff our team is really, really into right now. This time, Cowboy Kent Rollins cast-iron skillet Youtube channel.

We write about cast-iron skillets a lot at Gear Patrol — which to buy, what to cook in them, how to season them, what to season them with and on and on. Over the years, I've written about them enough to know two things: I will never be able to answer every person's very specific cast-iron skillet quandary, and Cowboy Kent Rollins is probably a better help than I could ever be.

Rollins' Youtube channel is a near-infinite well of cast iron knowledge. He has playlists dedicated to the basics, with scores of videos on restoring old iron, basic seasoning and maintenance and even a particularly useful tutorial on smoothing rough-surfaced skillets, in which Rollins takes an orbital sander equipped with 60-grit paper to a rough Lodge skillet.

He does recipes, too. So many that he published a cookbook —A Taste of Cowboy in which he cheerfully spells out how to make staples like biscuits and gravy, which, in the video he covered the dish on, a commenter called him "the Bob Ross of outdoor cooking."

Though Rollins' Youtube production is, well, humble, people don't seem to care. He's accrued more than 1.2 million subscribers to his channel. If you want to learn how to cook with cast iron, you should be next.

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