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This Chef-Designed Cast-Iron Pan Might Actually Be Perfect

Welcome to Frothtown. Population: Matty Matheson.

In late June, chef, cookbook writer and television host Matty Matheson teased on his Youtube channel a cast-iron pan he had designed to take you to Frothtown. Just shy of four months after its preview, Matheson Cookware is live and its inaugural product, a lidded 10-inch cast-iron pan, is available to buy now.

cast iron pan with lid and trivet
The 10-inch cast-iron pan comes with a lid and a trivet.
Matheson Cookware

The pan, and the Matheson brand in general, is a collaborative effort between Matheson and Castor Design, a Toronto-based design that makes everything from lighting to cookware. The 10-inch cast-iron pan features a black enamel finish that will take on seasoning for years and years. The pan's distinctive features are an elongated lip by the handle, which makes it easier to baste and stir, and an elongated grippy handle to protect your hand from oil splatter. And the price for a ticket to Frothtown? $200. It's more expensive than your standard Lodge fare, but it's comparable to our Just Get This pick for cast iron, Field Company, which is also a really good value.

side view of cast iron pan
The pan edge has a pronounced lip to make it easier to baste and stir.
Matheson Cookware
handle of pan
The pan features a textured, elongated handle to keep your hand away from oil splatter.
Matheson Cookware

The first production run of the pans consists of 500 units and costs $250 because it includes an additional cast iron trivet and recipe book. This run is expected to ship out in December 2020, and will likely make it in time before Christmas. If you only want the pan and lid, it'll cost $200, but will be part of the second production run in 2021.


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