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Has This New Spice Brand Created the K-Cup of Cooking?

Occo's pre-measured spices are like having a sous chef at home.


Everything comes in a pod these days — ground coffee, frozen coffee, laundry detergent. Now you can get your spices in pods, too. Much the way K-cups simplify the coffee-making process, Occo is going to help home cooks change the way they cook.

Occo is a new spice brand that offers micro-dosed spices (in pods!). That way, you can use just what you need, whether you're cooking your own recipes or ones cooked up by a team of chefs that Occo tapped to celebrate the brand's launch.

Occo co-founder Lisa Carson started the brand after she struggled to find — and afford — spices to expand her recipe repertoire. When you only need a pinch of, say, turmeric to make a dish, why should you be forced to buy a whole jar of the stuff?

Occo, founded alongside Connie Wang, is her solution to this dilemma. Spices are packed in single-serve aluminum pods, which the brand claims will keep the spices fresh for practically forever.

Occo’s single-serve spices ensure you use just what you need, and the aluminum packaging keeps the spices fresh for practically forever.

To get the breadth of Occo's utility, look to its recipe cards. The brand partnered with six award-winning chefs — Nina Compton, Asha Gomez, Gregory Gourdet, Deuki Hong, Mei Lin and Adriana Urbina — to develop recipes just for Occo. For example, if you're looking to make jerk chicken, a recipe that requires numerous spices most people may not have on hand, look to Gourdet's recipe card, which includes allspice, habanero chile, Tellicherry black pepper and thyme.

Head to Occo to check out all the ways you can shop for spices, whether it's to stock your pantry or try out new cuisines, and cut out the takeout for a while.

Price: $20-$68


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