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What Gear Patrol Staffers Love to Snack On

Snacks count as gear, right?


We may not be in elementary school anymore, but snack time slaps the same as an adult as it did as a kid. We have some strong opinions about snacks at Gear Patrol, and while we're not arguing about potato chips in the break room anymore, we're still snacking. From sweet snacks to savory ones and everything in between, these are the snacks that Gear Patrol staffers can't get enough of.

Torres Jamón Ibérico Potato Chips

torres jamón ibérico potato chips
Yümmy Bazaar

They're like potato chips taken up a notch. I can't say that they taste like cured meat made from hogs raised on a diet of acorns, but I can say that they taste damn good with a glass of red, can of cider or, let's be real, any beverage. – Tanner Bowden, Senior Staff Writer

Price: $6


NongShim Sweet Potato Snack

nongshim sweet potato snack

It's the first thing that goes into the shopping cart from the H Mart snack aisle. The snack is crunchy and not too sweet. Also, who doesn't love the little sweet potato guy illustration on the packaging?! — Joe Tornatzky, Creative Director

Price: $1


Trader Joe's Dark Russet Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips

dark russet kettle cooked potato chips
Trader Joe's

These are superior to every other potato-only chip I've had. Flavored chips are great, but sometimes you just want some good ol' potatoes and salt. Unlike more standard competitors, these are packed full of potato flavor — making it dangerously easy to quickly find the bottom of the bag. — AJ Powell, Associate Director, Gear Patrol Studios

Price: $14


Hapi Wasabi Coated Green Peas

hapi wasabi coated green peas

Combine crunchy roasted green peas with a savory coating of sinus-clearing wasabi, and you've got yourself a recipe for one of the most addictive snacks on the planet. I never knew vegetables made such a delicious snack until I ate a whole thing of these in one sitting. — Tyler Chin, Associate Staff Writer

Price: $3


Trader Joe's Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels (No Salt)

peanut butter filled pretzels no salt
Trader Joe's

Nearly all foods are enhanced when combined with peanut butter — it's just what PB does. While there are many versions of the legendary peanut butter filled pretzel, only Trader Joe's has achieved perfection with the hardness of the pretzel and the amount of peanut butter stuffed inside. Salt is fine, but no salt is where it's at (your heart will also thank you for reducing your sodium intake). — Ryan Brower, Commerce Editor

Price: $14


Trader Joe's Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels (With Salt)

peanut butter filled pretzels salted
Trader Joe's

Because Peanut Butter Pretzels offer a unique contrast of texture and flavor. — Joe Tornatzky, Creative Director

Price: $11


Brami Lupini Beans

brami lupini beans

These are perfect. They're briney, have a good bite to them, and they're delicious at any time of day — whether eaten on their own, on the go, or even on top of a salad. I actually buy lupini beans in bulk by the jar (my go-to brands are Cento or La Squisita), but these little snack packs are great for road trips. — Caitlyn Shaw, Associate Director, Product and Marketing

Price: $35/8-pack


Roasted Cashews

roasted cashews

Finding a snack that staves off hunger, fills a gap in my diet and isn't bad to eat is more challenging than it should be. Lightly salted cashews are my answer. They're fatty, protein-rich and available on the internet or at the bodega a few feet from my front door. The only issue, which is a blessing in disguise, is I can't mindlessly eat them because nuts are confusingly expensive products. Worth it all the same for me. — Will Price, Editor

Price: $13


Zenobia Turkish Pistachios

zenobia turkish pistachios
My Spice Sage

I won't lie, part of it is the packaging. Mostly, though, pistachios are great because the shell makes it so you have to work for it a bit. Frustrating for some, but I find it all the more satisfying. — JD DiGiovanni, Platforms Editor

Price: $89/5 Pound


Oishi Marty's Vegetarian Chicharron

oishi marty's vegetarian chicharron

No, these aren't good for me. Yes, they're a bit expensive. But they're also the right mix of funky, salty, tangy, sweet and crunchy to keep me hooked. Plus, they're made from peas! — Evan Malachosky, Assistant Editor

Price: $20/3-pack


Orion New Four Layers Turtle Chip Corn Soup Flavor

orion new four layers turtle chip corn soup flavor

The texture of these chips are unreal. You get four layers of crisp and a great corn flavor. It's a little salty, a little sweet, and a lot delicious. — Nghi Ho, Advertising Sales Planner

Price: $11/2-pack


Nature's Baker Original Fig Bars

nature's baker original fig bars
Nature's Baker

Figs are just awesome, but not all fig bars are created equal. These from Nature's Bakery are a good example of reasonably healthful fig bars (when consumed in moderation) that still have all the figgy, chewy goodness you want them to. The original flavor is the best because some of the other fruit flavors can be a bit too sweet. — Zen Love, Staff Writer

Price: $5


Panda Soft Black Licorice

panda soft black licorice

Why isn't it your favorite is the real question. — JD DiGiovanni, Platforms Editor

Price: $6


Jiraporn Sun-Dried Bananas

jiraporn sun dried bananas

A traditional snack you can get at markets in Thailand, you can also get "solar-dried" bananas in a box. They're made from the small nam wa variety of bananas so they're perfectly snack-sized and often sweetened with honey. Totally natural, fun and delicious. — Zen Love, Staff Writer

Price: $12


Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

dark chocolate peanut butter cups
Trader Joe's

I've always loved the interplay of peanut butter and chocolate, but Reese's has nothing on these, which double down on deliciousness by using dark chocolate instead of milk. Trying to eat just one is an act of absolute willpower. — Will Sabel Courtney, Senior Editor

Price: $17


Patagonia Provisions Chile Mango

patagonia provisions chile mango

I've always loved dried mangoes, except the ones I ate as a child were packed with added sugar, which obviously made me love them even more. Once I got older, I tried to cut out excessive added sugar, so I started seeking out dried mangoes that were as pure as possible. Patagonia Provision's mangoes are pure in that there's no added sugar, but they're mixed with lime juice and aji molido, which makes for a delightful everyday afternoon pick-me-up. — Tyler Chin, Associate Staff Writer

Price: $7



Tropical Importers

This citrus hybrid is tangy yet sweet, easy to peel and easy to eat. Also, it lets you Just Say No to scurvy. – Will Sabel Courtney, Senior Editor

Price: $30


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