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Pax’s New Vape Wants to Get You Higher, Faster

The redesigned Era delivers 50% bigger hits and is fueled by potent THC pods.

pax era vape and thc pod

Pax was already the first name that came to mind for us when we think of vapes, thanks to the ubiquitousness of their popular Pax 3, which has since been replaced in the lineup by the even more premium Pax Plus. Those vapes take either dry herb or concentrate, but for those who prefer cannabis oil pods, Pax's Era is the way to go. And it just got a whole lot better.

A frequent complaint among users of the Era is that the pods clog frequently, prompting them to remove them, vigorously warm them up in their hands, reinsert them in the vape and then draw hard to try and unclog them. It is ... a hassle. Knowing this, Pax has incorporated an innovative new anti-clogging feature into the revamped Era, which should make this obstacle a thing of the past.

Not only that, but the redesigned Era is considerably more powerful than its predecessor, delivering hits that are 50% bigger and more powerful. I'm no mathematician, but a quick calculation tells me that the new Era (no pun intended) should hypothetically get you high about 50% faster than before.

Also aiding in the updated Era's quest in providing you with a more efficient high is a new line of High Purity THC pods from Pax. These pods, which for now are only available in California, pack in a whopping 85% THC for a super pure delivery. At launch, six flavors are available: Sativa strains in "Limoncello Haze" and "Strawberry Creme," Indica strains in "London Pound Cake" and "GMO Cookies," and a pair of hybrid strains, "Berry Gelato" and "Forbidden Fruit."

For one final update, the new Pax Era also comes in bright new green, pink and blue colorways to go along with standard black. And while the longer-lasting Pax Era Pro hasn't yet received the anti-clogging feature or 50% performance boost, I wouldn't be surprised to see those changes pop up in a future update.



Pax High Purity THC

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