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Pax’s New Vapes Make It Easier Than Ever to Smoke Weed

The Pax Plus and Pax Mini both make use of the brand’s new Infused Flower Pax Buds.

hands putting weed flower into a pax vape pen

Thanks to their attractive designs, superior performance, and ease of use, Pax’s vapes have dominated the market since recreational weed use went mainstream in the U.S. The now-classic Pax 3 currently sits atop our guide to the best weed vapes — but its crown is coming under threat from within, thanks to two new additions to Pax’s lineup.

Pax has just announced two brand-new vapes, the Pax Mini and the Pax Plus. Both put flower front and center thanks to another new addition: Infused Flower buds. These capsules (which for now are only available in California) are a mix of all-natural California flower with solventless hash, which are then hand-pressed into compact pods that require no prepping and are a whole lot easier (and cleaner) to carry around and deal with than a plastic baggie full of bud.

These Pax Buds are tailor-made to work with the brand’s new vapes, particularly the Pax Mini — though they also work with older Pax portable vapes, like the Pax 3. The Mini is the smallest vape Pax has ever made, and it eschews concentrates entirely in favor of flower. So if you’re a dry herb purist, the Mini is for you. The compact vape heats up in just 22 seconds and is more discreet than a bowl, potentially opening up Pax to a number of weed smokers who up until now had been skeptical of vaping.

pax vape pen

Joining the Mini in Pax’s refreshed lineup is the Pax Plus. Effectively acting as the replacement for the outgoing Pax 3 (which is now on sale), the dual-use Pax Plus works with both the new Infused Flower buds (along with regular flower) and concentrates. Differentiating it from the Pax 3 are a slew of upgrades, including an easier-to-clean oven and a refined design featuring larger LEDs, rounded edges and color-matched mouthpieces.

But the most significant change is the new Experience Modes. These allow you to switch between Stealth (minimized vapor and dimmed LEDs), Efficiency (conserves material while optimizing vapor production), Flavor (on-demand vapor that highlights flavor) and Boost (maximum vapor delivery, best with concentrates) modes with the press of a button.

Both of Pax’s new vapes are available now from their online store, with the Mini priced from $150 and the Pax Plus starting at $250.


Pax Mini


Pax Plus

$185.00 (26% off)
Johnny Brayson is Gear Patrol's associate home editor.
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