Dinner is served


Having a hard time getting a seat in Yountville? Instead of constantly hitting the redial button for reservations, the chefs-for-hire team at Kitchit offers a different solution that will have you feeling right at home. The San Francisco-based web company brings some of the top chefs in the country — including those of The French Laundry —- right into your own kitchen, backyard, or wherever else you can fit a place setting. Its army of chefs, which include notables such as Saison’s Joshua Skenes and Top Chef All Star Marcel Vigneron, help clients design custom menus and then execute them by doing all of the dirty work that makes you not want to have a dinner party in the first place.

Currently available in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Kitchit chefs shop, prep, cook, and perhaps most importantly, clean, for everything from a stadium-side pig roast for 100 to a romantic multi-course, Michelin Star dinner for two. With prices ranging anywhere from $35 to upwards of $300 a person, Kitchit also offers a way for you to spread the wealth amongst the fellas. Implementing a unique reservation system that allows hosts to send electronic invites detailing the event, invitees can RSVP and pay for their respective seats in one fell click. Sommelier services are also available, and for those of you tired of waiting to get into Brooklyn Fare, have no fear: Kitchit will be launching in New York by the end of April.

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