Auchentoshan Three Wood Scotch

Scotch, Of A Higher Plane


No, it’s not a German highway but rather a Scotch you may not be familiar with, but should be. Distilled in the Scotland, Auchentoshan Distillery is one of the three active distilleries that remain in the Lowlands. Auchentoshan’s Three Wood is, as you might imagine, a triple-distilled Scotch whisky. Each batch is matured in American bourbon oak barrels in combination with Oloroso and Ximenez sherry casks. The bourbon oak and sherry are apparent in the Scotch’s nose, with a combination of toffee and malt in the actual taste. The finish? Super-smooth with a touch of sweet. Even more so when served with a few rocks.

Tip: There are various levels of scotch. We assume that you’ve probably had some sort of scotch in your drinking past, but know that Auchentoshan Three Wood Scotch is not for first timer scotch drinkers. If so, then consider the Auchentoshan Classic ($29), a more achievable drink at a more achievable price.

Cost: $50

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