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There's Fresh Buffalo Trace Bourbon Coming, But It Isn't Exactly New

Blanton's fans are having a very good year.

blanton's bourbon whiskey

If you are a fan of Blanton's Bourbon, you're having a good year. A few months after the Buffalo Trace Distillery brand launched Blanton's Gold Edition, the company has announced another overseas exclusive set to make its debut stateside: Blanton's Straight From the Barrel.

Straight From the Barrel, shortened to SFTB by Blanton's enthusiasts, is the one and only barrel strength expression of Blanton's (apart from the odd extremely rare special bottling). It's also the only barrel strength expression of Buffalo Trace Distillery's high-rye Mashbill #2 bourbon recipe, which is the base for all the Blanton's bottles, the Elmer T. Lee brand, Ancient Age and others.

Upon its release in the fall (the company did not provide more specifics on release timing), SFTB will be the third of four primary expressions of Blanton's to transition from international-exclusive to available in the U.S., making the low-proof Special Reserve (often called Blanton's Green) the odd bottle out.

Among the Buffalo Trace lineup, Blanton's is different. Buffalo Trace produces and markets it, but it's owned by Age International, a spirits company under the umbrella of Japanese beverage company Takara Shuzo. This is why it's the only Buffalo Trace-made bourbon with more selection outside the country than in it (SFTB, Gold and Green are all common pickups for American bourbon hunters traveling abroad).

SFTB will be available in extremely limited quantities and will come with an SRP of $150.

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