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Trying to Change Your Mind on Vodka? Just Get This

A vodka this cheap shouldn't be this good. But Reyka went and did it.

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For whatever reason, vodka's quality is often judged by just how close it comes to tasting like water. But it is more than that. If you're looking for something that puts the rubbing alcohol-like stuff you drank in college to shame, reach for Reyka. Here's why.

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It's clean and crisp, but still flavorful

Sure, it's crisp, but it actually tastes like something, too. The vodka tastes floral and grassy, with a slight spiciness akin to black pepper. Because Reyka is made in Iceland, it harness its proximity to volcanoes to distill the spirit until it's as pure as possible. First, the glacial water used runs through lava fields, which purifies the water, and then the spirit itself is filtered through lava rocks to further remove impurities. In a way, Reyka tastes like a boozy mineral water.

It's ridiculously good value

At around $20 a bottle, Reyka holds its own against the industrially produced vodkas that cost around the same. Its vodka is produced in small batches so the distillers can hone in on the quality of the spirit, and that attention to detail warrants a price tag double its current going rate. This is the vodka you buy when you're ready to step up from the $10 crap you drank to basically wipe your memory.

It's an all-purpose vodka

Not only is Reyka vodka affordable, but it's also an absolute workhorse of a vodka. The flavors are delicate enough to complement whatever you mix it with. The smoothness of it makes it ideal for sipping, and because it goes down so easy, feel free to shoot it. That $20 price tag starts to look even more appealing when you realize just how much you can do with Reyka vodka.


Reyka Vodka

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