A well-stocked home bar is one of the ultimate you-made-it accomplishments of being an adult. However, figuring out exactly what bottles you want to keep on stock is a struggle. Then there's the other issue of buying booze without breaking the bank. So splurge on the spirits you love the most and spend wisely on those spirits you don't necessarily love but would like to keep on hand anyway. From $100+ bottles of scotch to a $13 bottle of rum, here are 21 bottles of alcohol at every price point to get your home bar stocked better than your favorite bar.


Bourbon is arguably America's favorite brown spirit. Just look at all the die-hard bourbon communities across social media. Whether you're looking for something to drink straight up or you're looking to mix a mint julep like you're at the Kentucky Derby, these three bottles prove why bourbon really is the preferred brown spirit of the United States.


Scotch shouldn't just be a drink for celebratory occasions, and scotch is certainly not just for those looking to emulate Ron Swanson. Scotland's whisky of choice is made for everyone — those who have the money to spend over $100 on a 16-year-old Lagavulin or those who just want a nice bottle of brown every so often without tapping into their savings.


Rye is the spicy counterpart to its sweet cousin, bourbon. At one point, rye was America's favorite brown spirit. Nowadays, a majority of drinkers prefer a sweet sip of bourbon, but those in the know will know that more people should be drinking rye, a spirit known for its depth of flavor and that notorious spicy finish.


No liquor gets as much heat as tequila. It's not as harsh as the stuff you drank in your youth, and you can stop blaming tequila for that time you got black-out drunk. Give tequila the chance it deserves with any of these three bottles, and finally realize that you should be sipping it just as often as you're shooting it. And yes, these all make for a delicious margarita.


Another underrated clear spirit, vodka is seeing a resurgence. It's so versatile, yet some will have you believe that the best vodka is one that tastes like water. Get a vodka that actually tastes like something, and that "something" is good.


Gin has to be made with juniper berries, but it shouldn't be defined by its predominant botanical. The best type of gin is one that utilizes its botanicals so that each one plays an important part to the overall spirit. Some gins have a laundry list of botanicals that'll have you savoring sip after sip, and some gins will make excellent use from a handful of ingredients that prove less is more.


Rum is done taking the backseat to whiskey. A lot of whiskey is overpriced, hard to find and not that good. Then you have rum sitting on the shelves collecting dust, with few realizing the treasures they're passing up on. Don't be that person. Grab a rum that will have you questioning why everyone is flocking to the bourbon aisle when rum exists.