What Does Dogfish Head Know About Canned Cocktails?

More than you might guess. They've been in the spirits business for nearly two decades.

canned cocktails
Dogfish Head

These days, the canned cocktail category is growing faster than Bruce Banner after stubbing his toe — and the latest brand to get in on the boozy trend is one of America's oldest craft breweries. Dogfish Head, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, has just announced it's releasing three canned cocktails — all of them with nationwide distribution.

The new lineup of Dogfish Head canned cocktails include Blueberry Shrub vodka soda, Strawberry & Honeyberry vodka lemonade and Cherry Bergamot whiskey sour. Each canned cocktail clocks in at 7.0 percent ABV, and is made using spirits distilled by Dogfish Head Distilling Co. And if you're worried about spending your money on an unproven item, don't fret; even before the cocktails made it to shelves, Blueberry Shrub vodka soda won best ready-to-drink cocktail at the L.A. Spirits Awards.

Dogfish Head's entry into the canned cocktail business may seem out of the blue. After all, most people probably recognize Dogfish Head for its award-winning beers, such as 60 Minute IPA and SeaQuench Ale. But for nearly 20 years, the brewery has also been distilling spirits as the Dogfish Head Distilling Company. In 2015, the distillery finally made its spirits available to those in the mid-Atlantic; its new trio of canned cocktails will be the first time the rest of America will get a taste of Dogfish Head Distilling's work, however.

Dogfish Head's canned cocktails will be sold in four packs of 355-ml cans for around $12 a pop. Expect them to hit shelves as early as this week.


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