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E.H. Taylor Small Batch: Where to Buy It, What It Is and Why It's So Popular

The most "accessible" bourbon in the E.H. Taylor Jr. brand portfolio is increasingly difficult to find. Why?

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Everything you need to know about the most popular bourbon whiskey on shelves today. This time: E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch Bourbon, the beachhead accessible bottle within the EHT collection.

What is E.H. Taylor Small Batch?

First released in 2013, E.H. Taylor Small Batch is the entry-level expression in the Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. collection of American whiskeys. Small Batch is a sought-after bourbon made at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky and, for drinkers of a certain age, it's worth noting that E.H. Taylor is a different brand than Old Taylor. Both are made by Buffalo Trace and both are named after the Colonel, but the former is a premium to super-premium brand while the latter is more modest.

Who makes E.H. Taylor Small Batch?

It's produced and made at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Unlike some of the distillery's brand portfolio, the E.H. Taylor line was created by Buffalo Trace and not gained through acquisition.

Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. was a bourbon business pioneer in the 19th and 20th centuries. His most important contributions to American whiskey include lobbying for the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 and the construction of O.F.C Distillery, which, after several ownership changes, is known as Buffalo Trace Distillery today.

Is E.H. Taylor Small Batch Rare?

Yes and no. It is the most accessible and affordable of all E.H. Taylor expressions, but none of the E.H. Taylor expressions are associated with accessibility or affordability. Because Small Batch is the cornerstone item in the brand's permanent collection, you will find it more often than more limited one-off expressions from the brand, but it's unlikely your liquor store will have bottles of Small Batch year-round. Speaking of limited one-offs, they take the blame for making good ol' Small Batch harder to find. Warehouse C Tornado Surviving Bourbon, Cured Oak, 18-Year Marriage and other one-offs drive collectors mad, and the more run-of-the-mill bottles look glossier for it. If you're interested in trying it, we recommend asking your local liquor store owner about availability, or jumping on a bottle if found for a fair price. What's a fair price, you ask?

How much is E.H. Taylor Small Batch?

As with all Buffalo Trace Distillery bourbons, price is more conceptual than concrete. Buffalo Trace's SRP for Small Batch is $40, which is a fine deal for a premium bourbon like this. More often than not, you'll pay close to twice that price, per spirits pricing platform BoozApp. While you may not consider $80 a fair price for bourbon that's ostensibly costs $40, that is roughly the going rate; anything below that price is in must-buy territory for most bourbon drinkers.

How old is E.H. Taylor Small Batch?

E.H. Taylor Small Batch does not bear an age statement, but because it's a Bottled-in-Bond spirit, we know it's at least 4 years old, but more likely between 6 and 10 years old based on flavor profile and price. The whiskey isn't typically associated with youthful bourbon flavors, and Buffalo Trace's namesake bourbon is a blend of 6-plus-year-old whiskey, lending credence to the idea that E.H. Taylor Small Batch spends longer than 4 years in a barrel.

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