Oak & Eden Taps Into Its Artistic Side With Latest Anthro Series Release

Introducing The Troubadours: Five artists adding their own spin on Oak & Eden's equally unique approach to whiskey.

oak and eden whiskey
Oak & Eden

Oak & Eden has made its mark in the crowded whiskey market thanks to its proprietary approach to finishing its whiskey — an in-bottle finishing technique using a Spire of barrel wood. Inspired by that same ingenuity, Oak & Eden is celebrating creativity across the spectrum through its Anthro Series. The end result is a suite of whiskeys that are as interesting and one-of-a-kind as the collaborators themselves. Oak & Eden's latest chapter in the Anthro Series introduces The Troubadours, a collection of five artists that worked directly with Oak & Eden to add their own flavor (figuratively and literally) to each bottle. These creatives include the likes of John Paul White, Jamestown Revival, Abraham Alexander, Penny & Sparrow and Filmore. This isn't just a bottle redesign, either: Oak & Eden invited each artist to add their creative inspiration to everything from the base whiskey and the proof, to the wood species of the signature Spire. The end result is a custom bottle that's as unique as each featured artist — and as ingenious as Oak & Eden's inimitable approach to making the most exciting whiskey in the business.

Price: $64-74


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