Oak & Eden Taps Five Troubadours to Make Five One-of-a-Kind Whiskeys

These five "Troubadours" have crafted five equally unique spins on Oak & Eden's celebrated whiskeys and signature spire.

two musicians with oak and eden
Oak & Eden

You know Oak & Eden not just because of its celebrated roster of whiskeys, but also for its signature Spire. A revolutionary in-bottle finishing technique that sees a literal spiral of carved wood placed into every bottle, the Spire imparts unique flavors and complexities long after the spirit has left the distillery. In celebration of its own unique approach to aging and finishing whiskey, Oak & Eden has introduced its "Anthro Series." The project taps creatives from various industries to remix, rethink and put their own spin on the brand's spirits. The latest iteration features five "Troubadours," a group of singers and songwriters from across the music industry who share Oak & Eden's exploratory — even rebellious — spirit. These creatives include the likes of John Paul White, Jamestown Revival, Abraham Alexander, Penny & Sparrow and Filmore. Far more than just a co-branded collaboration, these artists are invited to create a completely new product, with the ability to tweak everything from the base whiskey and the proof, to the wood species of the signature Spire. If you're a longtime fan of Oak & Eden, or simply looking for something a bit more adventurous than your average bottle of bourbon, these are bottles you won't want to sleep on.

Price: $64+


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