For $36, This Whiskey Is an Outrageous Deal

George Dickel’s new bonded whiskey is 13 years old and clocks in at 100 proof.


Most bottled-in-bonded whiskeys don’t advertise age statements (E.H. Taylor, Old Grandad, Jack Daniel’s Bottled-in-Bond Offering, Evan Williams white label), but affordable-whiskey maker George Dickel’s new offering does, and for good reason: it’s 13 years old and costs just $36.

So what are Bottled-in-Bond spirits? By definition, they must be the product of a single distillation season, by a single distiller at a single distillery; they must be 100 proof and aged in a bonded warehouse under federal government supervision all the while; and they must age, at minimum, for four years. With some exceptions, this means most distilleries’ bonded whiskeys don’t stray far from the minimum aging.

George Dickel’s new bottle does. The Tennessee whiskey maker’s newest offering is made using the same sweet and mellow mashbill used in other Dickel offerings (84 percent corn, 8 percent rye, 8 percent malted barley), and it remains charcoal-filtered like Jack Daniel’s. It’s available starting Friday at its Tullahoma, Tennessee distillery, and it will roll out nationwide later this month. The brand says it is a limited-edition bottle but hasn’t commented on the level of exclusivity.

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