Tasting Notes: Elmer T. Lee Bourbon

Whiskey for the common connoisseur

Eric Yang

In addition to its flagship offering, the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, KY produces some of our favorite bourbons, including Eagle Rare, Rock Hill Farms and Elmer T. Lee ($28). The latter is a small batch, single barrel bourbon that’s named for the former Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace. Mr. Lee created this bourbon with a higher rye content than most, and with no age statement, it’s simply bottled when it’s deemed ready.

Dive in to find sweet aromas of vanilla, butterscotch and toffee balanced with dry leather. Flavors range from apricots and oranges to honey, vanilla and baking spices. The medium-bodied bourbon is warm on the palate, but there’s no discernible burn, and it finishes smoothly with lots of dry oak and light spice.

That’s good bourbon. It’s deep, rich and complex, which connoisseurs will appreciate, but its easy-going nature (and modest price point) makes it an accessible dram for all. And at 90 proof, it’s a good candidate for sipping neat, though there’s no shame in pouring this one over a large ice cube.

Buy Now: $28

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