Stoli Hot Vodka

Some like it hot


Add kick and a little heat to your dirty vodka martini or bloody mary with a splash of 75 proof Stolichnaya’s “Hot” flavored vodka. Vodka-enthusiasts may be more familiar with this fiery jalapeno-infused liquor back when it was known as Stoli Pertsovka. Pertsovka is actually the general Russian term for pepper-flavored vodka, and all that’s really changed with Stoli Hot is the switch to more western-friendly branding.

While it’s apparently not the hottest vodka out there, this particular blend is still noted as a great option for adding heat and a range of heavy vegetal flavors including Thai basil. If you were feeling particularly adventurous and culturally laissez-faire, there’s the potential to take things from the bar to the kitchen and fire up pasta with spicy vodka sauce. Afterwards, fire-in-the-belly speeches could take on a whole other meaning.

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