Move Over Pappy, This Is Buffalo Trace’s Rarest Whiskey

Ever heard of O.F.C Vintage bourbons? Didn’t think so.


The company behind the Van Winkle Collection, ultra-rare E.H. Taylor one-offs, Weller and the Antique Collection also makes a whiskey that’s harder to find (and likely more expensive) than all of them.

Buffalo Trace’s O.F.C. Vintage bourbons are the brand’s oldest and least famous ultra-rare whiskeys. Starting in 2016, the brand has dropped an extremely, extremely limited number of bottles of very old whiskey that retail for thousands of dollars. This year’s release, barreled in 1994, is a 25-year-old bourbon that’ll run you $2,500 a pop (if you even see it). “Tasting notes for this bourbon describe lots of cherry on the nose followed by butterscotch with hints of brown sugar and oak,” the press release reads.

The O.F.C name is a callback to the defunct O.F.C Distillery founded by E.H. Taylor himself. A national landmark nowadays, in its era the copper fermentation vats, column stills and steam heating system were years ahead of its competition.

If you see a bottle, take a photo on your phone. You won’t see one again.

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