You’re Paying Too Much for Bourbon, and This Instagram Account Proves It

Whether you want to know the going price for a bottle of Pappy 15 or Wild Turkey 101, this is the Instagram account to follow for the price-conscious bourbon nerd.

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The premise behind Overpriced Bourbon’s Instagram account is fairly straightforward: followers submit photos of shelved bourbon and either the account manager or the comment section gives the listed price a thumbs up or a thumbs down for fair or inflated pricing. In a world where official suggested retail prices matter, this wouldn’t be a very useful account; in the whiskey world, it’s invaluable.

Whether by big award shows, exotic rarity or big names, there are few products that experience such violent and varied shifts in pricing from store-to-store. Take an example from one of the account’s most frequently posted bottled: Buffalo Trace’s Weller Special Reserve. In the last week, the account has posted prices of $100 (bad), $75 (bad), $36 (getting there) and $25 (bingo).

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The images shared on the account are shot in liquor stores all across the country and bottle price checks run the range of price and prestige (for every Pappy or Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, there’s plenty of Wild Turkey and 1792). Whether prices are deemed acceptable (thumbs up) or unacceptable (thumbs down), the Google maps listing for the store is shared, too.

Overpriced Bourbon’s account has grown to 20,000-ish followers quickly. The account even sells shirts with its name and creed printed on them. Follow and guarantee you don’t get ripped off on your next booze run.

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