Buffalo Trace Is Bringing a New Kind of Blanton’s Bourbon to the States

Blanton’s Gold Edition will be the first of the brand’s overseas-exclusive lineup to show up Stateside. Here’s what you need to know.


Available this summer, Buffalo Trace Distillery has confirmed that Blanton’s Gold Edition is coming to the US for the first time ever.

The whiskey is the same as standard Blanton’s in every way, bar a 10 point proof increase (from 93 to 103). That means it’s still a single barrel product, aged between 6 and 8 years, made with a high-rye bourbon mashbill and, as always, will come with the unique bottle stoppers and dump date trimmings Blanton’s fans seek. Buffalo Trace says the product will be available as an annual release in the US and retail for $120.

Blanton’s Gold is a familiar sight for bourbon drinkers outside the US (especially in Japan). The standard lineup includes Gold, Special Reserve (called Green) and a barrel proof variant called Straight From the Barrel. Gold is the first of the international Blanton’s lineup to come the US. The reason for the odd split is murky. The short version is a Japanese company called Takara Shuzo owns the Blanton’s brand and distribution rights everywhere except the US, where Blanton’s is distributed by Buffalo Trace. Buffalo Trace still does the distilling and aging for every expression — domestic or international.

For more information on Blanton’s — and Buffalo Trace Distillery’s full whiskey selection — read our guide.

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