We Know What Bourbon Every Whiskey Geek Will Be After This Summer

Buffalo Trace expands its Weller lineup for the third year running.

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Following up on last year’s Full Proof release, Buffalo Trace Distillery announced Weller is adding a single barrel expression to its lineup.

Weller Single Barrel will roll out in June of this year, and release in limited quantities annually, at 97 proof. The brand says the suggested retail price is $50 and there was no information given regarding age of the liquid inside.

After 2018’s CYPB and 2019’s Full Proof releases, the Single Barrel launch marks the third consecutive year Buffalo Trace has added to the Weller brand, which also includes a sought-after 12-year-old expression, Antique 107, Special Reserve and the Antique Collection’s mighty William Larue Weller bottling.

Based on the $200+ prices premium Weller expressions like the 12-year and Full Proof demand, expect the single barrel expression, one of very few in a sparse wheated bourbon category, to sell for at least twice its $50 suggested price.

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