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The Best French Presses to Fuel Your Daily Caffeine Craving

Whether you want to upgrade from your Keurig or you want to make some cold brew, these are the best French presses to buy right now.

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For a full-bodied coffee that requires just a little more effort than using a drip coffee maker, look to the French press. The French press has been around since in the mid-1800s, most likely by a Frenchman, but the first patent for the French press was filed by a pair of Italians in the 1920s. When you brew in a French press, you're doing something called immersion brewing. Essentially, water and coffee grounds get to sit together for a few minutes before the grounds get filtered out and you're left with that sweet, sweet coffee.

Coffee brewed with a French press tend to have a fulled body and richer flavor, which is a contrast to the lightness and brightness of pour-over coffee. Another thing French presses having going for them: They're pretty cheap (sans some of the pricier options on this list). Here are the best French presses to buy in 2022.

    What is a French press?

    A French press can come in many shapes, sizes and materials but at the end of the day, the design is fairly universal. The coffee brewer comprises a carafe in which a filter and plunger are submerged to separate the coffee grounds from the water-turned-coffee. Once you've filtered out the grounds, it's important to move your brewed coffee into a separate container to prevent further extraction. Or, of course, you can just drink the coffee quickly.

    What is the best coffee grind for French press?

    For a French press, the best coffee grind size is coarse, or around the size of flaky salt. Be sure not to grind your coffee beans too fine because that will result in bitter, over-extracted coffee.

    The Best French Presses of 2022

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    Best Overall French Press
    Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 34 Ounce

    • Affordable
    • Easy to use
    • Good filtration

    • Fragile
    • Plastic handle feels cheap

    Bodum is one of the most well-known brands in the French press realm — as well as other coffee-related accessories. The brand makes a variety of French press models, but its Chambord is probably the best of the bunch in terms of value, design and quality of coffee. The borosilicate glass is encased in a stainless steel frame, and the three-part stainless steel filter provides excellent coffee ground filtration. When you think of a stereotypical French press, the Chambord is probably what you'll imagine.

    Best Splurge French Press
    Espro P6 French Press

    • Attractive design
    • Double micro-filter provides cleaner cups

    • Will keep your coffee hot, but you shouldn't let your grounds sit for too long at the bottom
    • Expensive

    Espro sits on the pricier end of the French press spectrum, but for good reason. The brand uses patented double micro-filter that provides even cleaner cups of coffee than the competition — but that clean cup comes at a price. The P6 has an insulated double-walled carafe, which helps keep your coffee hot, and because it is crafted of durable stainless steel, this thing is good for brewing on the go.

    Best Budget French Press
    Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee, 34 Ounce
    Now 20% off

    • Affordable option to our best overall pick
    • Clean, simple design
    • Brews a clean cup of coffee

    • Made of a lot of plastic parts

    Bodum's Brazil is the cheaper alternative to the brand's Chambord, but it still makes excellent coffee. The Brazil retains the Chambord's borosilicate glass carafe, but swaps out some of the metal for plastic, which helps cut down on costs. The filter/plunger construction is the same as its pricier cousin, so the coffee comes out just as good. Plus, it's completely dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

    Best-Designed French Press
    Fellow Clara French Press

    • Beautiful design
    • Excellent heat retention
    • Comes with an agitation stick (basically a long spoon) to stir your grounds and water

    • Nonstick interior coating doesn't do much
    • Expensive

    Fellow's Clara French press won one of the Specialty Coffee Association 2022 Best New Product awards, and for good reason — the Clara has one of the best designs of any French press out there. First, the matte black finish of the Clara makes this a very-obvious Fellow product, which is honestly a plus. The stainless steel interior helps keeps the water's temperature consistent for proper coffee extraction, and the heat-lock double wall vacuum further makes sure there is no heat loss.

    Clara uses a 360-degree pour lid so you don't have to align the filter in just the right position to make sure you can start pouring your coffee. Finally, for those who can't be bothered with teaspoons or scales, the French press has etched lines in its interior to let you know where to fill with coffee and water.

    Best-Looking French Press
    Frieling Brushed Stainless Steel French Press, 17 Ounce
    Bed Bath & Beyond

    • Slightly on the heavier side
    • Expensive

    The first thing you'll notice about the Frieling French press is its super-shiny exterior. Besides being a nice design choice, the stainless steel makes this both durable and resistant to heat loss, which is bolstered by the dual-wall construction. The filter is comprised of two parts to get you a clean brew. Additionally, the Frieling French press is backed by a five-year warranty.

    Easiest-to-Clean French Press
    Oxo 8-Cup French Press

    • GroundsLifter helps with grounds cleanup
    • Classic design
    • Good brewer

    • Handwash only
    • Single filter

    French presses are notoriously annoying to clean. The bottom of the carafe is filled with soggy coffee grounds that take some effort to fully get out. The Oxo French press, besides being a great brewer, is also a neat freak's best friend. With the brewer's GroundsLifter, you can lift the handle and the grounds will come out cleanly, with no need to dig out all the mess. Aside from the GroundsLifter, the Oxo French press is made of borosilicate glass, protected by a stainless steel frame.

    Best French Press for Travel
    GSI Outdoors Personal JavaPress, 20 Ounce

    • Nesting design includes a separate mug
    • Keeps coffee hot
    • Lightweight

    • Small 20-ounce capacity
    • Comes in one color

    GSI's JavaPress is made for the coffee lover who's always on the road. It's wrapped in insulated ballistic nylon, which keeps drinks warm, while the lid is designed to prevent spillage. It's lightweight and compact, and it actually includes a nesting mug.

    The 10 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers of 2022
    coffee maker

    Stop the French presses.


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