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The Best Coffee Mugs to Improve Your Everyday Cup of Joe

The cup you drink your coffee out of is just as important as the actual coffee.

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If it weren't for the humble coffee mug, where else would you drink your coffee from? A bowl? No, coffee mugs are the unsung heroes of getting coffee from the urn (or pour-over carafe) to your mouth. The internet is awash with options for coffee mugs, but few are actually worth a spot in your cabinet or in your hand. We found the best coffee mugs to help deliver you your morning caffeine jolt with style (and ergonomics).

What to Look for in a Coffee Mug


Arguably the most important job for any mug is to keep your coffee hot, or at least warm. Unless you're opting for an electrically-heated smart mug or a vacuum-insulated travel mug, you shouldn't expect your coffee to stay hot for hours. So instead look for more conical shapes that allow less steam to escape, such as a tulip mug, or a heavier build that will provide more insulation.


Most standard coffee mugs are made of some kind of ceramic, which is clay that's been heated and treated to harden and strengthen it. Standard ceramic may be glazed or left raw, while porcelain is a type of ceramic that's fired for longer at a higher temperature, making it more durable. While porcelain mugs are less susceptible to chips and breakage than regular ceramic, you never want to knock around any mug too much or else you risk breaking it. If you go a less traditional route and opt for something like stainless steel, then you're certainly looking at something more durable, but perhaps less cozy.


Coffee mugs come in many sizes, from a tiny espresso mug meant to hold a double shot to travel mugs holding 16 oz or more. Your standard coffee cup will usually hold around 8-10 oz, though 12 or even 15oz mugs can be found as well. If you're someone who likes a big cup of coffee in the morning and can drink it all before it goes cold, opt for a larger size.


Mugs are, by design, kind of strange. They're drinking cups with a handle, which is necessary to hold onto because the mug itself, when full of coffee, is too hot. But those handles aren't often well thought out, forcing you to try and squeeze your fingers into an uncomfortable space. We recommend seeking out mugs with a more ergonomic design that are made to actually fit comfortably in a human hand.

Dishwasher- & Microwave-Safe

Other than drinking out of your mug, you're going to need to do a couple of other things with them: clean them and heat them up when your coffee gets old. A mug that's dishwasher-safe makes cleaning time less of a hassle, and a mug that you can warm up in the microwave is loads more convenient than having to dump your coffee into a separate microwave-safe vessel, heat that and then pour your reheated coffee back into your cold mug.

How We Tested

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We like to drink coffee … a lot. And in some cases, tea. But whichever hot caffeinated beverage our team prefers, it’s typically served in a mug. Our testers offered up their own recommendations of their most beloved mugs they’ve discovered over the years, while also calling in exciting new mugs that have recently hit the scene (yes, that is a thing). We tested the mugs for heat retention, comfort in hand, volume, durability and anything else that factored into how useful we found our coffee mugs.

Best Overall Coffee Mug
notNeutral Lino
Best Upgrade Coffee Mug
East Fork The Mug
East Fork
Best Budget Coffee Mug
Crate and Barrel Aspen Mug
Best Coffee Mug for Lattes
notNeutral Pico Large Latte Cup
Best Stackable Coffee Mug
Acme Evo Mighty Cup
Best Smart Coffee Mug
Ember Mug 2
Best Travel Coffee Mug
Yeti Rambler 14oz Mug with Magslider Lid
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Best Ceramic Coffee Mug
United By Blue Footsie Mug
Bespoke Post
Best-Looking Coffee Mug
CB2 Black Dip Coffee Mug
Best Porcelain Coffee Mug
Haand Short Mug
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