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The Best Coffee Mugs to Improve Your Everyday Cup of Joe

The cup you drink your coffee out of is just as important as the actual coffee.

four coffee mugs
Chandler Bondurant

If it weren't for the humble coffee mug, where else would you drink your coffee from? A bowl? No, coffee mugs are the unsung heroes of getting coffee from the urn (or pour-over carafe) to your mouth. The internet is awash with options for coffee mugs, but few are actually worth a spot in your cabinet or in your hand. We found the 15 best coffee mugs to help deliver you your morning caffeine jolt with style, ergonomics and aesthetics.

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CB2 Black Dip Coffee Mug

This is arguably one of CB2's most popular mugs. On more than one occasion I've spotted this exact mug in the background of television shows and movies. Its two-tone design is eye-catching, and the thing literally costs about the same as cup of coffee (thanks, inflation!). It has a generous serving capacity — 14 ounces — and it's available in a tall version.

Acme Evo Mighty Cup

If you've ever grabbed a coffee at a specialty coffee shop, there's a good chance you drank out of an Acme cup. The brand was founded in 2011 by Jeff Kennedy, the recipient of the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award from New Zealand's Specialty Coffee Association. These mugs are dishwasher safe and hold 12 ounces of coffee. Available in a number of beautiful colors, these mugs pair wonderfully with a complementary saucer (sold separately).

notNeutral Lino Coffee Cup

This mug was actually designed for baristas to have an easier time with latte art. Its handle connects to the top of the mug and flattens out with it, meaning you can actually use your thumb when holding the mug. It’s available in loads of colors and sizes as well.

Bodum Bistro Coffee Mug, 2 Pack
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Bodum makes a number of tea and coffee accessories. Its Bistro mugs are popular for keeping their contents insulated, and they're even made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass, which means its strong and durable.

Hasami Porcelain Mug

Hasami's made-in-Japan mugs feature an unassuming color palette, high durability and jubako, a traditional Japanese practice of modular, stackable objects. Its porcelain products are also mixed with clay from the surrounding area, granting it added durability and a unique look.

Haand Short Mug

Made by hand in North Carolina, these eight-ounce mugs are perfect for having just the right amount of coffee to drink at one time so it doesn't get cold too quickly. Haand's mug has a low profile, and according to the brand, it has a lower center of gravity to make it harder to tip over.

Mazama Collection Crater Lake Mug
Tanner Goods

Leather goods brand Tanner Goods has an offshoot called Mazama that focuses on glassware and tableware. Its Crater Lake mug has a 16-ounce capacity if you like to drink a little more coffee per serving. According to the brand, the mug's handle and body were designed to provide a "solid yet comfortable grip," and its us unglazed bottom allows them to nest into one another.

East Fork The Mug
East Fork

East Fork, founded by Alex Matisse, the great-grandson of Henri Matisse, is a status symbol in the realm of ceramics. The brand's The Mug was at one point the most famous mug on the planet. People would sign up to be notified of its release, and they'd be scooped up before day's end. It's much easier now to get The Mug, which is available in a number of core glazes, as well as limited-edition colors. Plus, when you own an East Fork product, you can say "I own a Matisse."

Recreation Center Grid Mug
West Elm

Recreation Center is a Brooklyn-based ceramics brand known for its eye-popping designs (if you couldn't tell by this Grid Mug). Handmade by its founder Josephine Noel, the mug has an oversize handle and a playful design that'll have you reaching for it morning after morning.

Hawkins New York Essential Stoneware Mugs

Hawkins New York sells a variety of well-made home goods. These stoneware mugs are both dishwasher- and microwave-safe. They come in beautifully muted colors, and have the perfect weight to feel good in the hands.

Heath Large Mug
Heath Ceramics

The good people of California-based Heath Ceramics have been doing what they do since the middle of the 20th century, and their mug, the large one, is an absolute dream. First, the mug understands a large mug should be taller, not fatter. Second, it knows a more voluminous product requires a larger gripping area than smaller products. Hence this mug’s very smart, very simple four finger grip. Also, it comes in a boatload of colors and is dishwasher-friendly.

Jono Pandolfi Coffee Cup
Jono Pandolfi

If its ceramics are good enough for Michelin-starred restaurants, then Jono Pandolfi is good enough for your home. The brand's handmade plates, bowls and cups are the dishware of choice at some of the best restaurants around the world. The brand worked hard to get the curve of the handle just right, and because the walls are so thick, they help retain your coffee's heat.

Mud Australia Porcelain Everyday Mug

Mud Australia’s coffee mug is a lot of things — made of clay from Limoges, made by hand, available in a bevy of colors. But above all else, they’re just beautiful. The mugs are dyed during the slip stage of production (when the material is still moist) so they develop a deeper color, and the interiors are glazed after firing.

1616/Arita Japan Coffee Cup

Dutch designers Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings, the people behind 1616/Arita source clay specific to the Japanese town of Airta, which is then fashioned into the brand's coffee cup. It's dainty and features a hole-less handle. Drinking from this cup will make your morning coffee feel more important than just being the way to get you going for the day.

Ember Ceramic Mug

This is the mug for those serious about their home coffee drinking. Ember mugs keep your coffee at whatever temperature you want for as long as you want, so there’s no rush to drink the entire mug. If you’re really into it, you can control the temperature via an app on your phone, where you can also log all sorts of presets and other data.

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