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12 Guys of Christmas: The Athlete

12 gift ideas for the fitness obsessed

The fitness fanatic is the man that puts in a quick 5K before the rest of us have even tossed the beans in the burr grinder. His body fat is measured in fractions, and biceps in feet. His dinner conversations involve things like basal metabolic rate; his pecs flex, noticeably, when he passes the pepper. He has endless amounts of energy, a good work ethic, and an army of free weights hidden in his office.

He might be your best friend, or brother, or both. He may even be the man you want to become, or your better (slimmer) half. One thing is certain, though: trying to track down a gift that will release the right amount of endorphins can be as exhausting as training for an Ironman. But fear not, dear friends. We’ve muscled through endless amounts of exercise equipment, so you can deliver gifts as motivating as Apollo Creed in short-shorts and knee-highs. Just watch out for that bear hug after he opens them up.

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1. Nike+ FuelBand


Even the most dedicated gym rat needs the occasional shot in the arm to keep him on track, and the Nike+ FuelBand wants to be his new right-hand man. The band measures oxygen kinetics to translate activity into how quickly a NikeFuel target is hit each and every day. That info can be tracked and compared using a smartphone app or desktop software to figure out who the real champ is; time to start sucking wind, boys.

Buy Now: $149

2. The Athlete’s Guide to Home Remedies


Push the body long enough, and it will push back. The Athlete’s Guide to Home Remedies offers wisdom and guidance to identify, treat and possibly prevent some of the most common exercise injuries. Continue to hit the road running too fast, too soon, and that achilles tendinitis could end up costing you more than a couple minutes come race day. Written by a nine-time Ironman and multiple marathoner, Jordan D. Metzl, M.D., the guide also includes plenty of workout tips, eating strategies and workout routines to keep you on the road to success and/or recovery. In our eyes, avoiding unnecessary trips to a packed ER is the gift that keeps on giving.

Buy Now: $19

3. KLUTCHclub Men’s Subscription


KLUTCHclub is a subscription service that actually delivers results, among other things. Once a month, a box containing a collection of severely scrutinized healthful goods will arrive at the door, all hand-picked to keep subscribers in tip-top shape. Products range from Amino Vital, a fast absorbing workout recovery drink, to a CD stacked with soothing rhythms that help you get some much needed recovery time between the sheets. With so much choice and variety, this is the kind of gift that will keep resolutionists relentless in trading that keg for a six-pack, and make them look pretty, uh, clutch, in the process.

Buy Now: $8+ Monthly

4. Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i Sports Headset


Hit the gym with the wrong headphones and you end up spending too much time adjusting those cans and sitting on yours. Keep your mental montage rolling with a set that stays where they belong: the Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i Sports Headset. Sennheiser’s gym specials employ a unique fit “earfin” and a shock resistant Kevlar cable to make sure the sweat-proof buds don’t hit the deck before you do.

Buy Now: $69

5. Weider Powerbell


Swapping dumbells for kettlebells is a no-brainer for workout enthusiasts looking to up their game. The Weider Powerbell is the do-it-all piece of home-gym equipment that doesn’t take up precious power lifting room. Instantly adjustable from 10 to 40 pounds, the Powerbell can be set up to choke even the most plentiful pythons, carve calves of steel or, in its spare time, keep that quarterly report from blowing off your desk.

Buy Now: $199

6. Focus Izalco Pro 3.0 Roadbike


The Focus Izalco Pro 3.0 Roadbike is one hell of an inspiration to get out on the road. United Cycling Union approved, the bike employs a fluid-shaped carbon fiber frame that resists twisting more tirelessly than hipsters at a wedding while remaining extremely smooth and comfortable to ride. Push it hard and the Izalco responds, instantly transforming efforts into speed and legs into tree-trunks.

Buy Now: ~$3,400

7. Nike Flyknit Trainer


Tipping your toes at just 7.7 ounces while delivering a second-skin fit and shin-saving cushion, the Nike Flyknit Trainer is a minimalist kick designed to unleash a runner’s maximum potential. Unique flywire technology separates these sneaks from the herd by creating an upper that weighs a mere 1.2 ounces — this all while being even more supportive than an art history major’s parents.

Buy Now: $120

8. Blank Slate Climbing Training Board


Nix the college-grade chin up bar and turn your door frame into a real challenge with the Blank Slate Climbing Training Board. Infinitely customizable and far more engaging than a plain metal bar, this miniature, portable climbing wall promises to shred upper bodies without destroying your living room or your wallet.

Buy Now: $129

9. Shimano Unzen Hydration Pack


Keeping vital fluids flowing while on the move is a must, and unless your local trail comes equipped with water stations, you had better bring your own. The Shimano Unzen Hydration Pack offers up a reversible reservoir, felt-lined pockets and a tool organizer in each of its 6L, 10L and 15L offerings. A Rider Fit X-Harness keeps it all comfortably stashed while the breathable back panel should keep you approachable, odor-wise, if you want to hit the local watering hole after your ride for a different kind of drink.

Buy Now: $123

10. TRX Home Suspension Training Kit


The TRX Home Suspension Training Kit is a no excuses, go anywhere, full-body workout weapon. At only two pounds, the easily anchored, Navy SEAL developed TRX uses a litany of leveraged bodyweight exercises (directional cards included) to work toward a SEAL Team Six-pack.

Buy Now: $199

11. Kaiser Infinity Series Functional Trainer


While it looks like a protocol droid ready to give up the goods to the Empire, the Kaiser Infinity Series Functional Trainer is the workout machine you’re looking for. Employing free-motion pneumatics to create its own version of the force, the Kaiser is adjustable in one-tenth pound increments. That means you can easily work any muscle group, unilaterally or bilaterally, at any speed, and get the benefit of a full range of motion. And unlike other bowed or rubberized home units, the Kaiser’s pneumatics create the most consistent resistance that you’ve felt since you explained what a protocol droid was to that brunette at the bar.

Buy Now: $5,155+

12. Peru Mountain Fitness Trek


You could reward your exercise efforts with a trip to the sun and sand, but the included mojitos and muy grande meals will lay waste(line) to all of your hard work. The Peruvian Mountain Fitness Trek is an eleven night hiking hiatus designed for fitness fanatics of all levels. Led by Mountain Trek’s head honcho, groups are small and broken out into equally paced pairings. Beginning in Cusco and touring through the Sacred Valley, the trek ascends the Andes via the Inca trail into the history and mystery that is Machu Picchu. A gift that truly embodies the spirit of adventure, this is an experience that should be on every man’s list. Just don’t forget your camera.

Buy Now: $5,900

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