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12 Guys of Christmas: The Globetrotter

12 gifts for the traveler

These guys seem to have racked up a bigger airline status than Clooney and more time on the road than Kerouac. They call ports of call home and know how to navigate the TSA, border checkpoints and a nasty comped bar hangover with ease.

Whether a job takes them to exotic first-world destinations or their own adventurous spirit drags them to the very best holes in the third, there’s plenty to grease the globetrotter’s wheels. Check out our holiday gift suggestions, and cross your fingers that they’ll take you along on the next adventure.

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1. Herb Lester Travel Guides


It’s more enjoyable to lose oneself intentionally in the local sights, sounds and flavors than it is to get turned around in back alleys and sprawling marketplaces. With that in mind, even the most seasoned veteran will find hidden treasures in Herb Lester’s Travel Guides. City guides married to maps, these colorful travelogues make a destination truly accessible. Clark Griswold should have been so well prepared.

Buy Now: $6

2. Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket


Comfort and style are often edged out by space restrictions when packing. The Hybridge Lite Jacket is stuffed with 800-fill down for warmth even at -5 degrees, yet still compact enough to fit inside one of its own side pockets. Add a slim cut that fits under a suit coat but is stylish enough to stand alone, and bid those sacrifices adieu.

Buy Now: $495

3. Moleskine Luggage Tags


Help your rolling stone buddy pick out his rolling bag in style with Moleskine Luggage Tags. Constructed like traditional Moleskine hard cover journals — down to the rounded corners, elastic closure, and reward offer if lost line — the tags come in clarion-loud lemon-green, dark pink or more discreet black or blue options.

Buy Now: $10

4. Travelteq Travel Towel


Synthetic camping towels are compact, light and absorbent, so they might seem a natural fit for traveling. However, friends don’t send friends to the beaches of St. Tropez or poolside at Shutters with a plastic towel. A Travelteq Travel Towel made of 100% Irish linen is light, 20 times more absorbent than cotton, and twice as tough. The towel is sized to share, and the attached pocket in contrasting color is a perfect place to stash a travel companion’s bikini top when going “native”.

Buy Now: ~$123

5. Vulcain Aviator GMT


Hopping from continent to continent and time zone to time zone, it’s easy to lose track of the vital “when”. A Vulcain Aviator GMT takes care of that with an adjustable 24-hour world time function. Add Vulcain’s iconic alarm (it mimics a cricket’s chirping) with a reasonable-sized 42mm case, and it’s easy to see why the timepiece has been given to every U.S. president since Truman.

Buy Now: $3,597

6. Blue Claw Co Ezeiza Weekender


Weekend getaways don’t call for a steamer trunk and a wardrobe worth of clothes. The Ezeiza Weekender is just the right size to tote an extra change of clothes or two, toiletries, and a book or tablet. Leather and waxed canvas construction with brass hardware make this a nice step up from that backpack your hostile-dwelling pal has been schlepping around; maybe people will stop asking him if he’s graduating college next year.

Buy Now: $375

7. Iogear GearPower High Capacity Mobile Power Station


Caffeine only powers the body — the IOGEAR GearPower High Capacity Portable Battery covers the rest. The high-cap lithium polymer battery can recharge two devices simultaneously: phones, tablets, MP3 players, and pretty much anything with a USB or micro-USB plug is fair game. Refill the GearPower from an outlet or a laptop, and start worrying about that coffee bill you’ve racked up.

Buy Now: $45

8. Tep Wireless Mobile Hotspot Rentals


Finding reliable wi-fi on the go is a dubious endeavor for both your wallet and your identity. Tep Wireless Mobile Hotspot rentals take stress (and e-withdrawal) out of the equation. Simply book a rental online, receive the device at home or the destination, and return it by a prepaid envelope. Since service is available in much of Europe, Asia, and Central America as well as the U.S., Russia, and Australia, you’ll never be out of touch.

Buy Now: Varies by location

9. Moore & Giles Sullivan Shirt Pack


To travel is to live a disheveled existence, with even the most well-packed bag undone by the curious probings of security and custom agents. Bring order to the fray with Moore & Giles Sullivan shirt packs. The packs protects shirts within handsome twill and leather, freeing travelers from wrinkles and that questionable hotel iron.

Buy Now: $155

10. Sony DSC-RX1


Sony’s DSC-RX1 is the perfect tool for recording memories of grand vistas, raucous nights on the town, and the architecture of an ancient city. With a full-frame sensor more typical of an SLR, the RX1 is a 24.3MP monster that allows both the control of a manual with the ease of auto. Add HD recording, all in the size of point-and-shoot, and you’ve got the trappings of a vacation slide show party.

Buy Now: $2,800

11. Tumi T-Tech Network Roller Bag


All the technology in the world is no good if it doesn’t survive the trip — one good impact and you’re carrying around an expensive paperweight. Wrap your tech and textiles in pillowy protection with T-Tech Network Roller Bag. In addition to a compartment specifically designed for a tablet, this 22-inch international carry-on has a folding suiter section, so both clothes and electronics arrive in good working order.

Buy Now: $395

12. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC1 QuietPoint


We like the Audio-Technica QuietPoint headphones so much, we’re recommending them for the second year in a row. Featuring active noise-cancellation at a great price, these cans cloak the loudest of crying babies with sweet musical bliss. Up to 85% of ambient noise is eliminated, along with the tension and stress of engine or passenger whine. You’ll think you died and went to first class.

Buy Now: $80

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