The Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

Gift-buying for your old man seem impossible? It can be done. Time to bring out the big guns.

fathers day gifts

There’s nothing more frustrating than painstakingly picking out the perfect Father’s Day gift, watching your dad unwrap it on the big day and then hearing those four dreadful words: “I already have this.” If your dad is the kind who already knows how to treat himself, good for him. But it sure as hell makes your life harder when Father’s Day rolls around each year. There are several plans of attack for the has-it-already dad. Rather than stress over finding him that one perfect thing he doesn’t already have, you can get him something unexpected that he doesn’t even know exists. You can turn him on to something you love. Or, you can just relax, grab him an awesome gift card — we’ve got the perfect one — and spend the extra time sharing a drink together. We’ve got you covered with a few ideas.

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WHOOP Strap 3.0
whoop strap 3

Your old man sleeps terribly. The WHOOP Strap fitness bracelet does all the metrics — recovery, exertion level — but he might love it for its top-notch sleep tracker that measures time in bed, disturbances, efficiency, respiratory rate and latency, and even tells the wearer how much sleep they need. You can even personalize your Strap with a custom engraving — your dad won’t be able to say “I already have this” while he’s tearing up.

Price: $30+ / month


Astor Wines Gift Card
astor wines gift card

Like opening a tab, a boozy gift card gives dad carte blanche to keep his bar stocked on his own terms. Instead of guessing at what he might be running low on, just think of this as footing the bill for the next time he does inventory. Astor Wines has an incredible selection, solid pricing and loads of shipping options.

Price: $25+


Smallhold Blue Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit
smallhold blue oyster mushroom grow kit

This mushroom grow kit is basically the adult version of that beloved Gilbert chemistry set that your dad talks about playing with as a kid. And he doesn’t need to be a green thumb. Using only a spray bottle, a rubber band, and a sharp knife, your dad can start harvesting — and cooking with — his very own crop of healthy and delicious Blue Oyster mushrooms in just over a week.

Price: $34+


Airvape X
airvape x

If your dad’s a stoner, chances are he’s smoking the same dirty old pipe or bowl someone passed him at a Grateful Dead concert in 1973. But it’s 2021. Weed is fancy now. Give dad an upgrade with the Airvape X, a sleek and discreet vape that vibrates when his primo strain is ready to be toked.

Price: $139+


Theragun PRO
theragun pro

It’s a fair assumption that your dad’s muscles could use some love. Professional athletes like golfer Collin Morikawa, tennis phenom Amanda Anisimova, triathlete and IRONMAN champion Lucy Charles-Barclay and Paralympic Champion Jessica Long are using the Theragun Pro for convenient deep tissue massages on the sidelines. The PRO's commercial-grade brushless motor with QuietForce Technology and Active Torque Control delivers up to 60 pounds of uninterrupted force with little sound. Nothing says “I appreciate you, dad,” like NBA All-Star Paul George’s favorite massage gun.

Price: $599


Chaco Chillos Flip
chaco chillos flip

The best gift might be helping him avoid a turned ankle. Chacos are the Air Jordans of dad’s chosen sport — puttering around the house. With stylish and supportive Chacos, your dad can look for his keys, forget why he went into the kitchen and consider re-caulking the tub in the utmost comfort.

Price: $50+


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