Smith’s Diamond Sharpening Steel Rod

A Knife Can Never Be Too Sharp


We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll mention it again, a man’s kitchen is only as good as his equipment. Caring for that equipment is not only good form, but it’s also how you achieve longevity. I sharpen my Global Knife using an older Smith’s EdgeSport sharpening rod, so when it came time for a replacement, it was without much hesitation that my sharpening rod was replaced with the newer 10″ Diamond Sharpening Steel.

The interrupted, monocrystalline diamond coated sharpening steel (750 grit) uses an over-lapping oval hole design that makes quick work of sharpening by collecting the metal filings that build up from sharpening. The Diamond Sharpening Steel also differs from your existing steel rod as it hones and realignes your edge with each pass – even a few passes will yield noticeable results. The oversized hand guard and soft grip rubber handle just make things that much easier.

Cost: $30

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