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Stocking Up Your Pantry? Here Are Four Must-Haves, Chosen by Chefs

Pantries are windows into the kitchens, and therefore the chefs, of the world.


If a plate were a canvas, a cook’s pantry would be the paint. So when searching for the best everyday go-to condiments, spices and sauces, we sought out professional advice. These are the pantry staples four chefs couldn’t cook without.

Koshihikari Short Grain Rice

“They grow a lot of this rice in California. When we opened RedFarm I brought a bunch of it to [the chef] Joe and I said, ‘Joe, fuck that Chinese stuff. Here’s some Koshihikari rice here.’ Now we mix short- and long-grain rice.” — Chef Ed Schoenfeld, RedFarm and Decoy

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Maldon Sea Salt

“This sea salt is perfect to sprinkle on something to finish it off with just a bit of that salty contrast. It’s not meant to be dissolved or used to season a hot stew. Just place a pinch on top [of food].” — Chef Dominique Ansel, Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Tabasco Hot Sauce

“I just can’t say enough about this. It’s my go-to when finishing a dish like a late night pasta, or even adding it on a sandwich to spice it up. I love the spice and acidic note to it.” — Chef David Myers, Sola Tokyo, David Myers Cafe

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La Bella San Marzano Tomatoes

“These tomatoes are a great way to get that fresh taste of

summer any time of the year. Quickly throw together a dish whether it’s pasta or a casserole.” — Sean Brock, Husk, McCrady’s, Audrey (2020 opening) and Redbird (2020 opening)

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Jack Seemer is the deputy editor at Gear Patrol.
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