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Essentials for the Perfect Breakfast Table

What breakfasts on the go boast in pragmatism, they lack in ceremony and soul. Spend an hour at your kitchen table and take back your morning.

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In April 2015, The New York Times published “Don’t Mess With My Bacon, Egg and Cheese”. Written by the newspaper’s head restaurant critic, Pete Wells, it outlined the ethos of New York City’s favorite wide-ranging breakfast sandwich, the routine morning meal of many a rushed New Yorker. “What makes them New Yorky,” he wrote, “is not the ingredients, but the way the sandwich is purchased and consumed: quickly.” It’s cheap, it’s tasty, and you can eat it with your hands.

But what the bacon, egg and cheese boasts in pragmatism, it lacks in soul, waives in class and misses in everyday comfort. By today’s standards, sitting down for breakfast can feel like a luxury, an indulgent affair often reserved for weekends and holidays. And it’s true: there’s something romantic about sharing breakfast with your children, your significant other, or even just the morning paper. But it doesn’t have to be a rarity. Set an alarm, pick up a fork and take back your morning. There’s more to breakfast than calories, and it starts with setting the table.

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Jack Seemer is the deputy editor at Gear Patrol.
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