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Black & Decker Ready Wrench

Get Wrenched, 16 Ways To Sunday


There’s comes a time in just about every man’s life when he need to use a socket wrench. At that moment, he delves into the tool box to find both the wrench and box of sockets organized by size (if he’s lucky). From there, he engages in the timeless tradition of switching back and forth between the bolt head in question and its comrades until he finally manages to find the correct piece for the job.

Daunting. Inefficient. Obsolete, thanks to the Black & Decker Ready Wrench.

Yes, this may be one of the smallest “Eureka” moments encountered in life, but remember the scenario outlined above is in the best of circumstances. Typically, we lost the critical piece for the job at hand some time ago… and develop beserker-rage accordingly. But just because this is how it’s always been though doesn’t mean this tradition needs to stick around.

The game changer, my friends, is the Black & Decker Ready Wrench. Equipped with 16 different sockets representing the most popular standard and metric sizes, and easy to read color coded chart for finding the right fit every time, you’ll wonder why this wasn’t invented 50 years ago. Of course, since it’s made by Black and Decker, it naturally comes with the firm’s tried and true lifetime guarantee, so feel free to give it hell. If you’re wondering where you can channel that excess frustration from now on, we’re thinking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. We expect the thank you cards from your tool boxes to be arriving shortly.

Cost: $30

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