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Big renovation projects and cleanups often result in big messes. Until recently though, tackling the issue of waste removal meant one of two things. Scenario one involved you blowing through a jumbo pack of hefty sacks after filling them one at a time and lugging them to the curb. Scenario two involved renting an enormous eye sore of a dumpster that’s expensive, draws disgust/hate from your neighbors while sitting in your drive way, and in some cases is just serious overkill for your job. That’s where The Bagster from Waste Management comes into play. Made from a special woven material that won’t tear if punctured, and won’t hold water, it’s designed to fill the gap for those middle of the road projects where your trash can is out gunned and a dumpster is too much.

How much can this big green bag hold you? Waste Management states it’s strong enough to contain 3300 pounds of stuff. In other words one Bagster can hold:

  • 47 sheets of 1/2″ thick sheetrock
  • 180 wall studs
  • 1,280 sq. feet of wood flooring
  • 10 squares of roof shingles
  • 900 sq. feet of carpet
  • 900 sq. feet of ceramic or porcelain tile

    To use one for the next project, simply pick up a bag at your local hardware store, open it, and fill it. Once the job is done just call Waste Management to schedule a pick up and have your bag removed. Currently the service has expanded to cover much of the country, but if you’re curious if your house is covered simply enter your zip code here. Pick up rates and bag costs vary by provider, but in the majority of cases the Bagster is far cheaper than a dumpster.

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    Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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