Bulthaup B2 Kitchen Tool Cabinet



The Bulthaup b2 kitchen workshop is aptly named to reflect the aesthetic that each of its components were built to mirror. While every part of its design has us clamoring to pull our our well-organized wallets, it’s the kitchen tool cabinet in particular that has our organization lust redlining. Made to hold all manner of appliances, crockery, tools and ingredients, the Bulthaup B2 is essentially a one stop shop for all your kitchen storage needs. In fact, Bulthaup goes so far as to describe it as the “foil” to standard kitchen drawers, and claims it holds “everything needed for a two person household”. All we really want to know is how do we get one in our kitchen and how quickly can it be done.

Gallery of the Bulthaup B2 Kitchen Tool Cabinet after the jump.

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