Grease Monkey Wipes

Go ahead, get your hands dirty


Ride your bike enough and you’re going to have to fix a flat tire. You’re lucky if it happens close to home but Murphy’s Law says you’ll most likely be 20 miles out, at dusk with a storm approaching. Oh, and it will be the rear tire, which necessitates fiddling with the chain to pop the wheel off and put it back on. Do it right and you’re on your way in minutes. But you’re always left with greasy hands. Next time, rather than wiping your mitts off on your nice Rapha jacket or turning your pristine white bar tape black, try Grease Monkey Wipes ($5). These portable hand wipes are individually packaged so you can tuck one or two into your saddle bag or jersey pocket with your patch kit and be ready to clean up anywhere. The citrus formula works like a lot of the heavy duty garage hand cleaners to cut through grease. So you can get on your way with clean hands. Until the next flat.

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