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Floyd Just Launched a Secondhand Furniture Market for Earth Day

The Detroit-based furniture brand is hoping to reduce how much furniture ends up in landfills.


Every year, about 9.7 million tons of furniture ends up in landfills in the United States. (That's the equivalent of 93 nuclear aircraft carriers being tossed aside.) Detroit-based Floyd company has set out to counteract how much furniture ends up getting trashed by making pieces that, ostensibly, should last forever. And because of their puzzle-like construction, if a piece of furniture were to break or get damaged, one can easily swap out the piece rather than scrapping the whole thing.

Now, on Earth Day, Floyd is furthering its commitment to keeping furniture out of the trash by launching a secondhand market for its sofas, shelves, beds and more.

Through its Full Cycle program, Floyd will be offering discounts up to 50 percent on used products that the brand has refurbished to be as close to new as possible. That means a small ding, scratch or scuff could yield you huge savings on made-in-USA furniture.

To launch its Full Cycle program, Floyd worked with Floor Found, which collects, inspects and resells furniture from brands like Inside Weather, Feather and Sabai.

Floyd has been working on this circular market idea for over a year. Now, after reworking its returns system, the brand will over at-home pickup for returns, which will end up in warehouses across the US to be set up for resale. Each piece of used furniture on Floor Found includes the name of the inspector, as well as a rating of its condition and pictures of the actual furniture you'll be buying.

Head over to the Floyd's website to learn more about its Full Cycle program, and shop the secondhand market at Floor Found.


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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