Upgrade Your Skincare Routine with Caldera + Lab

The brand's products are green, clean and efficient.

clean slate face wash and the base layer cream
Caldera + Lab

If your skincare routine consists of a bar of soap and some water, then now is the time to upgrade and start seeing results. Caldera + Lab's products, The Clean Slate and The Base Layer, are the perfect places to start showing your face some love. As the name states, The Clean Slate is a pH-balanced cleanser made with gentle and mineral-rich ingredients that can help you take the day off. The Base Layer is a nutrient-dense moisturizer that delivers intense hydration and absorbs fast so you can tackle your day with your best face forward. Plus, with a 360-degree defense against environmental stress, pollution and blue light radiation, this moisturizer has you covered whether you're spending the day adventuring or indoors staring at your screen. Together with Caldera + Lab's award-winning serum, The Good, these products are the perfect way to upgrade your summer skincare.

Price: $37+


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