A Beautiful Office Chair From the '60s Gets a Modern Upgrade, and 6 Other New Home Releases

Art piece or ergonomic masterpiece?

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Every week, we lust over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: smokeless fire pits in some fire new colorways, The French Dispatch coffee and more.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

growing a plant

Presented by AeroGarden

Do you long for the days when you can have your own garden and consume plants you grow yourself? Well, that day may be here sooner than you think thanks to the AeroGarden Harvest Elite. The AeroGarden allows you to build the garden of your dreams with no sun and no soil required. The 6-Pod Harvest Elite garden comes with premium features like a digital display and vacation mode, so your plants can continue to thrive even when you skip town. With energy-efficient LED grow lights, you will find the plants sprout in days and provide greens you can enjoy for months. Plus, the system is available in three colorways so you can easily match it to your home decor. Grow fresh herbs and vegetables any time of year — even in your tiny apartment with minimal light.

Price: $179


Fritz Hansen Oxford Chair

fritz hansen oxford chair
Fritz Hansen

In 1965, architect and furniture designer Arne Jacobsen designed the Oxford chair for professors at St. Catherine’s College at the University of Oxford. The task chair was designed to look good but also to be a comfortable place to sit for long hours, which is basically what everyone is looking for in an office chair these days. This could explain why Fritz Hansen is relaunching the Oxford chair with a few modern upgrades. The new Oxford chair comes in either a low or tall option for its backrest, as well as an upgraded tilt mechanics and adjustable seat height, angled armrests so the chair can fit under desks and a number of upholstery options to suit everyone's taste.

Price: $2,255+


Solo Stove Elemental Color Series

solo stove elemental color series
Solo Stove

Solo Stove is known for its smokeless fire pits, which are both effective and attractive. While they used come only in stainless steel, the fire pits are now available in five modern colorways inspired by the elements: ash, clay, sand, soil and water. The Elemental Color series of fire pits are on pre-order now with an expect ship date of later this year. Order now to save up to 20 percent.

Price: $285+


Brightland x Atelier Saucier Tea Towel Set

bright tea towel with gummies and cookies

Brightland, the brand behind some of the best olive oils and vinegars in the game, teamed up with the sustainable table linens brand Atelier Saucier on two limited-edition tea towels, both of which are made of recycled materials. The first tea towel is made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent hemp; and the second tea towel is made of 100 percent cotton. Use these to mop up spills, dry your hands or whatever else might happen in the kitchen.

Price: $48


Truff x Gopuff Pizza


Truff has come a long way since its truffle-infused hot sauces. It entered the pasta sauce and mayonnaise markets, and now it wants to make you pizza. Truff is teaming up with delivery service Gopuff to create three pizzas — Ricotta and Mushroom; Bacon, Mac and Cheese; and Cauliflower Sausage — available for delivery in select cities across the US. Each of the three pies are topped with Truff's Signature Hot Sauce, and they're available to order through November 18. If the link doesn't open to the pizzas, you may be outside of the delivery zone.

Price: $14


Tezza x The Caker’s Coconut Raspberry Lime Leaf Cake

baking cake instructions
baking cake instructions

Your grocery store boxed cake mixes have nothing on The Caker. (Sorry, Betty Crocker.) Jordan Rondel, the founder of The Caker, makes some of the best cake mixes you'll find, available in flavors that put vanilla poundcake to shame. Its newest cake mix was made with entrepreneur Tezza Barton in a Coconut Raspberry Lime Leaf flavor. The mix is vegan, and all you have to add is milk (if it's from a cow is up to you), oil or butter, raspberries and an 8-inch cake pan. The mix also comes with a photo backdrop because once this thing is out of the oven you'll want to give it a photoshoot.

Price: $25


V Smiley Preserves

jams made from honey
V Smiley
jams made from honey
V Smiley

Welcome to the best jam preserves you'll ever eat. V Smiley Preserves makes honey-sweetened preserves from her farm in New Haven, Vermont. Everything is as local as local can get: the honey arrives from a place near the farm, her partner, Amy, grows the aromatics and the fruit comes straight from the far. It's not all just strawberry jams here. V Smiley Preserves is taking liberties with food combinations and it's for the best. Try anything from the Peach Bulgarian Pepper Tomato Honey Jam to Raspberry Redcurrant Geranium Honey Jam. It's hard to explain just how good a jam can be, so you'll have to take my word for it and get a jar (or more) for yourself.

Price: $7+


Flying Coffee The French Roast

flying coffee the french roast
Flying Coffee

Wes Anderson is back with his new film The French Dispatch, and the release has been hyped up with some highly collectible merch. You can pick up a copy of the French Dispatch magazine from New York City's Casa Magazines, or you can grab a bag of coffee, the French Roast, made with recently founded coffee brand Flying Coffee. The Colombian beans harken back to when French roast was every coffee nerds go-to type of bean, which has since fallen out of favor for fruity and sweet light-roast beans. The French Roast has a smoky-sweet flavor with hints of chocolate and nuts. It's the type of coffee you'd expect a French Dispatch journalist to drink black, its coffee staining their notebook, though it would work wonderfully paired with milk and sugar.

Price: $20


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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