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Your New Coffee Hack: Pre-Measured, Pre-Ground Beans

For better coffee, eliminate the guesswork.


Very often, the difference between a decent cup of coffee and something better lies in the grounds — specifically, ground size and uniformity. Working to eliminate guesswork, La Colombe recently introduced an airtight canister of pre-ground coffee, dubbed the Coffee Vault, that self-pressurizes to keep coffee fresh for five times longer. After selling out within days of its launch, the 150ml canisters are back in stock. Filled with a precise 37.2g of La Colombe’s Corsica blend, each Vault is made to yield four perfectly balanced cups from a drip brewer.

While a niche product, the Coffee Vault isn’t without precedent. In 2015, Blue Bottle Coffee began selling single-serve packets of pour-over-ready coffee.

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