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Garrett Wade Box Hatchet

Give It Hell


Some tools are made for creating, others are destined for destruction. The Garret Wade Box Hatchet ($10) has breaking written all over it. Stare at the head, and you’ll see it’s part hatchet, part hammer, part nail remover and part crowbar, making it the mother of all frankentools. Why the name Box Hatchet you ask? Well, this tool design was first developed by the British Shipping industry to close and open wooden tea crates. We’d say the modern-day equivalent would be (happily) wrecking some IKEA particle board during our next move. Hawkeye was also unavailable for comment on its effectiveness against the Hurons.

Editor’s Note: If you want your friends to get in on the smashing, buying three of these hatchets at a time knocks the price down to a cool $10.

Buy Now: $10

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