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Outer’s New Fire Pit Is the Perfect Complement to Its Outdoor Seating

The fire pit does triple duty as a table, space heater and outdoor grill.

outer fire pit

As far as outdoor furniture brands go, Outer is one of the best. The direct-to-consumer brand is making some of the nicest and most functional outdoor seating around, doing so with ease of delivery and fair prices. Now, Outer's latest venture is a fire pit, and if you have the space to kick it, it's worth every penny.

The new fire pit is a three-in-one outdoor tool that functions as a table, space heater and outdoor cooking space. It does all of this in a glassfibre reinforced concrete cement that isn't only sleek but better for the environment — it takes less energy to produce the material, while also resulting in less off-gassing. The fire pit lights quickly and efficiently, and it's configured to be used with a propane gas tank. (While the fire pit can be converted to be used with a natural gas line hookup, the brand says doing so is a "complex process" and should only be done by a professional.)

outer fire pit
Outer’s fire pit uses stone balls for aesthetic purposes, but they also act as a wind guard. Plus, they radiate heat towards those sitting around the fire pit.

Outer's fire pit uses stone spheres, which not only look cool, but also keep the fire pit's plane centralized, while radiating heat outwards to provide heat for those sitting around the pit. And for those looking to use their fire pit as a cooking tool, the fire pit has a built-in cast-iron grill to keep yourself and guests entertained and fed. If there were any question if the fire pit could be good for cooking outside, Michelin-starred chef Curtis Stone helped to unveil Outer's fire pit while demonstrating its ability to make a decent meal.

The new fire pit is available for pre-order now, and it's expected to ship in late January 2022. The fire pit itself retails for $3,900, and the complete fire pit set — which includes a splatter guard, stands, griddles and a propane tank cover — retails for $4,450.

Price: $3,900+


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