Seth Rogen's Weed Brand Is Making It Easier to Get Lit

These new releases help you light more ways than one.

Christopher Beyer

Seth Rogen knows a thing or two about weed. When the actor, and notable Hollywood stoner, brought his weed brand Houseplant to the U.S. last year, it was met with huge acclaim. The name of the brand is deliberate: "Plant" refers to the the weed the brand sells, which is only available in California; "House" refers to all the weed-adjacent home goods that are available nationwide. And now, there are two new additions to the home category that combine the best of both worlds.

Houseplant has released two lamps, both of which hide a secret little feature: they house an ashtray. The first lamp is the Weight Lamp Ashtray. Accented by a weighty marble base, the lamp uses gravity to help it go up and down. The dimmable lamp is accented by the main focus of the piece, a removable ashtray.

The same integrated ashtray is applied to Houseplant's new Stack Lantern. The portable lantern, perfect for taking on your camping trips, is rechargeable, dimmable and bright. And sitting atop the lantern is a removable ashtray for on-the-go tokers.

Ashtrays have been Houseplant's pièce de résistance since its launch. Rogen, who had recently taken up pottery work, created a new style of ashtray, which he helped to develop for mass production by Houseplant.

The world of weed paraphernalia has changed from the days of gaudy Bob Marley-adorned bongs and such. These days, brands are designing weed gear to be more discreet, able to sit on your coffee table without drawing attention to itself, screaming: "This is for weed."

The two lamps are available from Houseplant now. The Weight Lamp Ashtray costs $450 and the Stack Lantern costs $275.


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