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Clif Bar Now Makes Snacks for Your Dog, Too

The energy bar brand is selling plant-based jerky treats fit for human consumption...just not for you.

clif pet dog treats

Chances are, someone you know got a dog during the pandemic. As isolation took its toll and we spent more time at home, puppy fever hit an all-time high. The stats track: 78 percent of pet owners acquired pets during the pandemic. And, what brought companionship for owners is bringing big opportunity for energy bar brand Clif Bar, spurring its entrance into the pet market with Clif Pet dog treats.

"The decision to enter the pet snacking category is supported by the dramatic increase in pet ownership coupled with the emerging demand for human-grade pet food," says the brand in a press release. "Today, as pets are considered part of the family more than ever before, the category represents a significant growth opportunity for Clif Bar."

If anything proves the energizing effects of Clif Bar, it's the company itself. Thanks to its Trailblazers Incubator team — a new group that acts fast on disruptive opportunities — the bar brand delivered on its pivot to pups with incredible speed, finalizing its first products just six months after its December 2021 announcement.

Now, exclusively at Petco and clifbar.com, three flavors of stick-form, plant-based jerky treats are available in 5- and 12-ounce bags: Sweet Potato & Blueberry Recipe, Pumpkin & Apple Recipe, and Butternut Squash & Cranberry Recipe.

Each recipe is made with seven simple, plant-based, nutrient-dense ingredients that pass the test of being fit for human consumption—a mixup that isn't recommended but could easily happen, seeing that Petco is selling human Clif Bars on the same display as Clif Pets. Never fear; Clif has cut their chocolate offerings from the human side of the display, just in case the mix-up goes the other way around.


CLIF PET Sweet Potato and Blueberry Recipe Dog Treat
CLIF PET Pumpkin and Apple Recipe Dog Treat
CLIF PET Butternut Squash and Cranberry Recipe Dog Treat
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